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    Support us with a sustaining monthly donation

    Just like most non-profit organizations, the Houston Pride Band incurs regularly monthly expenses to continue its operations.  Sustaining supporters give a regular monthly donation that provides a predictable revenue stream that helps us cover our operating expenses such as facility rentals, website hosting, rehearsal costs, and equipment maintenance.

    Your generous monthly support goes a long way to keep the Houston Pride Band going between concerts.  Thank you for becoming a sustaining supporter today.

    *Note: Our payment processing client, PayPal, requires sustaining donors to establish a PayPal account in order to manage or otherwise make changes to their monthly donation. 


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    Performer Dues

    Season Dues for Houston Pride Band performers is currently $100.00.  Half-season dues for performers who choose to split dues or perform during only one half of the season are $50.00.  You can make your payment by selecting the appropriate amount below.  You can also make your payment in as many as 12 monthly installments.  Please note that dues are not tax-deductible.

    If you wish to make a tax-deductible recurring monthly donation, please click HERE.